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Month: February 2015

In my kitchen… February 2015

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned, it’s been four months since my last post.

In my kitchen…

is my Christmas baking.

Every year I make various things as gifts, including eight fruit cakes this year. I was going to do something different, but ended up doing the standbys of gingerbread men, shortbread stars and a fruit mince pies. The fruit mince was made in early 2014 and sat aging in the fridge until I was ready to use it. I have enough for this year too, so they should be really good pies this year.

In my kitchen…

is dehydrated sourdough starter.

The lovely Celia sent me some starter from Priscilla. I was thrilled! She’s been christened Felicia.

In my kitchen…

is my Christmas lunch.

There are just four of us for lunch at Christmas – Mum, Dad and Mr Boyfriend. This year, instead of turkey, I did chicken because it takes quite a while to roast and I didn’t want the hassle. Along with roast pork done on the Weber and ham plus roast veg and peas, it was more than enough. In fact, we only ate half of what I cooked. For some reason we all just didn’t eat a lot and, to be honest, it was an elegant sufficiency.

In my kitchen…

is the pudding!

I make a pudding every year in October using my Grandfathers recipe. It’s rich. Really rich. And it also has its own gravitational pull. There’s still some left in the fridge!

In my kitchen…

is Croque Madam.

I’ve started making this for breakfast on Boxing Day. I have plenty of ham – a whole leg – and it’s a great little treat.

In my kitchen…

is sukiyaki.

Mr Boyfriend had promised The Mothership™ that he would make sukiyaki for us and we had it the Saturday after Boxing Day. It was universally enjoyed.

In my kitchen…

is osechi, the traditional Japanese New Years Day meal.

We decided to get the osechi from Sushi Studio in Neutral Bay this year instead of where we have bought it the last two years. Sushi Studio is probably the best sushi in Sydney. Mr Boyfriend knows the owner quite well, so we always sit at the counter in front of the chef/owner who then makes individual pieces of sushi for us. It’s a little exy, but well worth the visit. AND they have Orion beer on tap!

In my kitchen…

is sourdough.

Celia is a pusher! A pusher of the art of baking sourdough. I will never buy bread again, I swear! The first pic is my first loaf, the second was my second and I was thrilled with the result.

In my kitchen…

are my cookbooks.

I’ve now started putting books on the reverse side of the unit. I have an addiction.

In my kitchen…

is pavlova.

It’s not Australia Day unless there’s pavlova. Family recipe, simply decorated, absolutely delicious!

Thanks to Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting the monthly In My Kitchen, check out the other kitchens.